Protecting Against Algae and Bacteria

Summer is here and everyone is making the most of it (when the weather allows!) by taking to the water, whether it be in the ocean, lake or river. It is important to remember that all water types may harbour bacteria or toxic algae (as was identified recently by NIEA). Therefore it is important to:

  • Wash your hands or apply hand sanitiser, especially before eating or drinking
  • Where possible, shower after being in the water
  • Cover cuts and scratches with a waterproof plaster/dressing as soon as possible
  • Try not to swallow the water

If you feel unwell after being in any body of water please contact your GP as soon as possible. Dog Owners should always be aware of the dangers posed by all poisonous plants and algae growing in the environment, but especially along riverbanks and in wet grassland or edges of lakes.

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