5 Reasons Why You Should Attend a “Get Wet Stay Safe” Event

Watersports are an exhilarating hobby that can provide you with often unforgettable experiences, but it’s crucial to prioritize safety before – in some cases, literally, diving in. That’s where “Get Wet Stay Safe” comes in. In this blog post, we will explore five compelling reasons why you should attend a “Get Wet Stay Safe” session. From the importance of water safety to the increase in lifeguard emergencies, this initiative offers valuable knowledge and skills to keep you safe while enjoying the watersports you love.

  1. Prioritizing Water Safety: Water safety should be a top priority for anyone engaging in watersports. The “Get Wet Stay Safe” initiative is designed to educate participants about the potential risks involved and equip them with essential safety knowledge. By attending these events, you’ll learn vital techniques such as understanding tides, recognizing hazards, understanding cold water shock and knowing how to respond in emergency situations.
  2. Alarming Increase in Lifeguard Call Outs: Since 2020, the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI) and lifeguards have witnessed a concerning rise in emergencies related to water activities. Official figures demonstrate a stark increase – over 300% – in rescue operations in both the sea and our loughs. These incidents highlight the importance of being prepared and knowledgeable about water safety practices, particularly given the significant increase in recent years of local unofficial groups who meet for watersports activities. Attending a “Get Wet Stay Safe” event can help reduce the likelihood of becoming a statistic in these alarming trends.
  3. Expert-Led Instruction: Get Wet Stay Safe collaborates with well regarded local organisations such as SportNI, Swim Ulster, and Swim Ireland to provide expert-led instruction. These professionals possess a wealth of experience in their respective fields and are committed to imparting crucial water safety skills to participants. By learning from these experts, you can feel confident in your ability to handle potential risks and make informed decisions while engaging in watersports.
  4. Accessible and Free: One of the most attractive aspects of the “Get Wet Stay Safe” initiative is its accessibility and affordability. The programme is available in every council area in Northern Ireland from May until September and is completely free of charge. This inclusivity ensures that the largest possible number of people can be reached. By removing financial barriers, the programme also aims to reach a wide audience and create a safer watersports community. As an extra bonus, all participants will also receive a free Nature Valley bar to keep them going during their session!
  5. Bridge to Local Watersports Clubs: In addition to fostering water safety awareness, Get Wet Stay Safe aims to connect participants with local watersports clubs. After completing a session, attendees are encouraged to pursue their passion for watersports by joining these clubs. By facilitating this connection, the initiative not only promotes active and healthy lifestyles but also boosts membership for local watersports organizations. Supporting these clubs is essential for their sustainability and continued contribution to the community.

Attending a “Get Wet Stay Safe” event is a proactive step towards ensuring your safety and well-being while enjoying watersports activities. The initiative’s commitment to water safety education, alarming statistics regarding lifeguard call-outs, expert-led instruction, accessibility, and bridging participants to local watersports clubs make it a valuable and life-saving experience. By equipping yourself with the necessary knowledge and skills, you can confidently navigate the waters and enjoy your adventures with peace of mind. Remember, prevention is key, and your participation in “Get Wet Stay Safe” could ultimately save a life.

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